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Welcome to my website, which I hope you will share my  interest in cloisonné tiles! My name is Martin van Leeuwen, born and bred in the beautiful, historical town of Delft. For a number of years now, I have been collecting cloisonné tiles, made by the local “PORCELEYNE FLES” factory during the period from about 1907 till 1977. Up to now it is still possible to find a fair number of the produced tiles. At flea markets, people’s homes and recently via different Internet sites. It is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to find the more rare, exquisite specimens.
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The WR part is only in dutch language at this moment!

Krantenverkoper  News PF Tiles


 Last night, wednesday september 5e 2018 I got the pictures below from collector Fred Tulleners.
 A welcome addition to the masonary tiles.

RF metsel   RF metsel achterzijde Click at the pictures for a larger image!

 Fred thanks! Your name will be added to my paper catalogue!


Harry Tieman had made a nice website about the work of his father - the well know Porceleyne Fles designer - Henk Tieman.
A link to the website had been placed in the right colom of this page! Have fun with visiting! 


Precisly! Then you have something! Today februari the 9e 2018 it was a topday again. Made lots of miles and spend a lot of money but became the owner of the tile below. Have you seen it already in the past? Not me and I think nobody had seen. Even a rejected design drawing I have never seen. It is a different sample of WALCHEREN MUST BECOME DRY AGAIN. Design H.J. Tieman en got from...... his son. I am very happy with this tile! Harry tieman also told me that he and his mother were model for the persons at the tile FOOD DROPS and his mother alone also at the tile STOVE. How nice, that information!

Walcheren                   Walcheren 2    Click at the images for larger pictures

De well known                         The different one


Last week I had written next message.
Thursday februar the 1e 2018, I had seen the COA tile below at internet. Of coarse lots of collectors try to sell this tile. An unknown coa tille of BURGH. The tile looks not to be ready at  all. To less color. When anybody knows where I can find BURG I like to hear! I can't find BURGH!

Van Burgh  Contact : mvleeuwendelft@gmail.com

I had bought all 4 tile from internet. Looking at the tiles at was very surprised. Two of the tiles were copies of origional PF tiles made from plaster. Super light! Instead of glaced the tiles were handpainted. Compliments for the hobbyist that had been busy with this! About falsification you can only talk when you can be sure they had been made for selling as origional! We'll never know I think. It had been the first time I had seen copies in my life. So, take care I have warned you! Below the second copie. Do you wants to see them? You're welcome!
The question stays living : Who knows VAN BURGH?



November the 20e 2017 at internet you could see a tile that I had never seeen before. The tile represents ZUOZ - CLUB - TAGUNG 26 - 29 Mei 1938
The trip to Zuoz (Zwitserland) had I  think gone over Heidelberg Duitsland. This text is  present at the backside of the tile!
Ton Teerink, thanks for your helpful information!

ZUOZ voorzijde  ZUOZ achetrzijde


Thursday June the 22e 2017 I got 3 pictures of tiles that where unknown to me. Below the 2 PF tiles.

Kalfje  Roos

Leon Paul  van Geenen, thanks for this welcome addition!


Can anybody tell me anything about the tile below? For me unknown! Porceleyne Fles masonry tile? I should like to hear!

At this moment I know what it is! It is available in a WR book! A majolica walltile! 10cm x 10cm


Can anybody tell me anything about the tile below? Is tis WR or PF. On internet it was presented as WR but I don't believe. I think it is PF. When this is right a very special tile! If anybody knows, I like to hear!



This morning thursday october 20e 2016.I got the 3 pictures below from Mark van Veen.These Morish tiles have dimensions of 20cm x 20cm. A welcome addition!

 Moorse afbeelding  Moorse afbeelding  Moorse afbeeldinng
42.68                    42.69                   42.69A

Mark, thanks again!


Saterday speptembre the 3e at the market in delft I bought the tile below. Nothing special but very nice is the text at the backside!
D.Z.V. stands for Delftsche Swim Club. When anobody knows who won this third price for 100 meter breastcrawl ladys in 1948, I like to hear!

 Oostpoorthuisje   Oostpoort sticker zwemmen


 Today I got from American collector Peter Gosling the pictures below.Again a
 nice  addition!

     Click at the picture for a larger image!
      5.42            36.12

 Peter thanks!


December 30e 2015, It was able to me to buy some nice masonry tiles. Again new pictures, a nice addition for my website and picture overview as book.

 Metsel - Giraffe   metsel- aapje   metsel - eekhooorn  metsel - vos
        39.89                     39.91                    39.94                   39.95

molen - winter   molen - winter   boerderij - winter   boerderij - winter 
        41.02A                      41.09A       not at catalogue    not at catalogue

 moors   moors 
         42.05                      42.06

 metsel - scheepje  metsel - scheepje  metsel - scheepje  metsel - scheepje  metsel - scheepje   metsel - scheepje
         43.55                  43.55A                43.56                  43.56A                43.57                    43.57A

- SITE UPDATE -    28-10-2015

Last weeks I've been very busy to update the english part of this website. More navigation possibillities had been created and many new segments had been added. Next weeks I'll go on. I have to add lots of new pictures to many segments and I have to correct the text and other small things. Below I'll inform you when I have changed any important item!!

 Thursday      29-10-2015 : New pictures (10) added to segment : Masonry tiles -  Animalls large
 Saturday       31-10-2015 : New pictures (42) added to segment : Masonry tiles - Animalls small
 Sunday          01-11-2015 : New pictures (4) added to segment : Masonry tiles - Fairy tales
 Monday         02-11-2015 : New pictures (11) added to segment : Masonry tiles - Moorish motivs
 Tuesday        03-11-2015 : New pictures (2) added to segment : Masonry tiles - Ships large
                                                New pictures (16) added to segment : Masonry tiles - Ships small
Wednesday   04-11-2015 : New pictures (5) added to segment : Masonry tiles - Various
                                                Some pictures removed from segment : Masonry tiles - Various
Thursday        26-11-2015 : Text corrected at this index page.


Last sunday (June the 21st 2015) an american collector - Peter Gosling - had sent me the missing picture of the tile below. The "Roadrunner" from New Mexico. A very welcome addition, I think! A super picture Peter. I have immediatly placed your picture in my new overview 2016 catalogue and added your name on the sponsors list in the book! Thanks for your contribution!

Roadrunner New Mexico   Road Runner New Mexico. Click at the picture to enlarge it!


At this moment I've copied the WESTRAVEN pictures from collector Leo Moll. You can see the result at : Start page Westraven.

In the same collection there was only one PF tile. See below! Leo, Thanks a lot for your contribution!

Lustrum 11 VVSL    VVSL 11e lustrum 1955   Click at the picture for larger image!


For the third time last week at Saturday May the 9th, I had another surprise at the Delft market. Adrie van Duyvenbode came along again. What would bring him today? Below I have placed the result of the rare, stand and  deviated tiles. 

Amsterdam apart   Middelburg apart   Utrecht apart   Eindhoven apart    
Amsterdam        Vlissingen          Utrecht                Eindhoven          Bergen op Zoom

Testtegel rode kleuren   Testtegel gele kleuren   Testtegel witte kleuren   Testtegel groene kleuren   Testtegel blauwe kleuren
Tiles with testglazes in different colours

Metsel zwaan blauw
Masonry swan with deviated colours

All interesting tiles. I'm not sure if the deviated colours at the COA tiles are mistakes or something else? May be somebody knows! The tiles with the test glaze are very interesting! Adrie, thanks again! I hope we meet again soon!


Saturday May the 2nd we were lucky again! Collector Adrie van Duyvenbode came along at the market and showed me again some nice tiles of which I can make pictures. Below you can see the result. I had lots of fun with this new tiles! Thanks again!

Dierenriem bordje         Schip afwijkend          COA Assen metaal        Zeeland afwijkend        Zierikzee ongeglazuurd
Zodiac?                  Dev. colours              Metal !                      Dev. Colours          Not glazed


The party is not over yet! Last saturday April the 25th I sold the PF and the WR picture overview catalogue.Some hours later I received a call from 2 very enthousiastic collectors/buyers. The collectors had a look in the catalogue and discovered  they had pictures that were not present in the book. Next week I can take pictures if I want to. That makes me happy and I'll quickly make an appointment. You only need some time!


Immediatly I was lucky. Collector  Adrie van Duyvenbode brought some tiles with him for my website and for the picture overviews in my books. Below you can see the new unknown tiles.
Display tile           Masonry tile            Masonry tile           Masonry tile
Hyacinten      Werckhoven metsel       Zutphen metsel       Utrecht ....                           
 Hyacint field           Werckhoven              Zutphen                   Utrecht
                                                                                               Deus Fortitudo Nostra

Deus Fortitudo Nostra    Meaning : "God is mighty" Right?

Adrie, thanks for this welcome addition. I'm always looking for more tiles so I can take pictures. The catalogue is becoming more and more attractieve and complete!


At this moment the website is not complete. My picture overview catalogues have more pictures than this website. When I have time - too busy - I'll promise to correct that. How is it possible that I had time enough in the past to work the usual 40 hours or more?


Today, March the 1st 2015 I discovered I had forgotten to place a very nice pictureof  the tile MUNTTOWER AMSTERDAM without the FORD. I got the tile picture from Dick van Hattum. It's a very rare one. Dick, thanks again for this nice addition!

Munttoren Amsterdam zonder auto  MUNTTOWER AMSTERDAM WITHOUT FORD  Click at the picture for a larger image

Also a short time ago I got a very welcome addition from Piet Heijstek for my picture collection. Below you can see the beautiful image from the masonry tile SNOW WHITE. Piet, thanks for this wonderful picture.

Sneeuwwitje SNOW WHITE    Click at the picture for a larger image!

Both pictures will very soon be placed in the right segments of  my picture overview catalogue!


Next weeks I will be very busy to update this website. The items below will be updated :

- Backgroundcolor at the lower part of every page
- Letter type / Letter dimensions
- Adding navigation at the end of every page to go to home page and go forward
- Adding new or other pictures to some segments

Most likely there will be small problems due to other activities!  Please help me! Inform me if you see or came across a problem!! I'll start updating some Dutch pages, than the English pages, and so on. I think every day one page will be updated. At this moment next pages at the Dutch site will be almost ready: All segments except COA tiles and Masonry tiles.
For the English site the following pages are ready : Animals-small, Animals-large, Banks, Birth, Christmas, Famous Persons, Farmhouses, Flowers and Insurances


This morning - Monday September the 22nd 2014 - I have made pictures in the  "Brenninkmeijer House" in Rotterdam. A collector - who wants to stay anonymous - had informed me about the fact that in the bathroom of that house were several nice PF masonary tiles with Morish motiv. Below you can see the result!


42.3                     42.9                  42.11                  42.11                  42.12                  42.18 

10.13  mason!    Not at catal.        Not at catal.       Part of wall        Part of wall   
                             Only a part visible

I want to say thanks to the collector for informing me and also wants to say thanks to the Rotterdam Town Development Department who gave me permission to take pictures! Again an addition of information! 


Monday August the 12th 2014 I got the new pictures below from a daughter of Jan Dessens. I think it a nice addition to my website. I like to say thanks to Marianne!
The swan tile has never been in production. Why, we will never know! Nice to have a picture of the tile at this moment!

 Crucifix - Achtergrond wit  Zwaan_groot  Crucifix - background white     Swan    Click at the pictures to enlarge!

         9.10           Never in production


Saterday August the 10th 2014 I received from a friend pictures of the two mason wall tiles below. The tiles are found in  the house of acquantainces of us. Never known before! A reason to make quickly an apointment to visit their house, I think! The butterfly tile is known to me  but not in this colour combination (not present in the Bert Pols catalogue) and the tile with the bee is unknown to me! Very interesting, a new tile! Theo van Halderen, thanks for making the pictures.

vlinder            bijtje    Butterfly     Bee        Click at the pictures to enlarge!

temporary 39.42         temporary 39.115                   



At this moment I'm very busy making a volume 3 of my picture overview (Mason wall tiles, plates and objects) To make the volume 3 more complete I need more pictures! If you can help me, please do so!
A list of missing tiles will be mailed!

I'm also busy with an overview of WR cloisonné tiles. I need lots of pictures! If you can help and will help me, please send me an email!

- Tile overview volume 1 and 2 available again!

More than 180 pages pure viewing fun in English language! 
Volume 1 (display tiles) and volume 2 (COA tiles) are placed in one catalogue.
All available tiles in full colour! At this moment only available with a ring binder!

See earlier published news for more information!

  Voorpagina     catalogus      Catalogus   Costs : €49,95 or $70,-- (Shipping not included)

here for more news.

Back to dutch language!

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